Edge x Color x Simple

Running errands and getting together with friends for some drinks is the perfect way to end a busy week. However having the time to go home in between lets say school, errands and then meetings seems impossible. Picking out the right outfit that can easily fit in any occasion is quite simple. If you just put together a few simple pieces, touch of color, and add some edge; a day look can easily transform into a night outfit.

Simple: Blazer (Crop back Collarless Blazer Topshop), Jeans (Curve ID Levi’s), Sunglasses (Kimberly Round UrbanOutfitters)

Color: Blouse (Cape Pussybow Blouse Topshop)

Edge: Heels (MISSY Elly Clay), Clutch (Billie Jean Clutch Elly Clay)

Follow these guidelines, and you will definitely turn some heads out in the streets and on the dance floor.

Get our MISSY platform and Billie Jean Clutch featured in this look here. Don’t forget to use the code “FALLFIX” to receive 15% off all shoes!


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