Blogger of the Moment: Alex… Peacher not Preacher

Currently living in the small city of Las Cruces, NM, Lauren Alexandra Peacher (prefers Alex), definitely stands out in our eyes.

She blogs about her journey and adventures involving fashion and her everyday life. We love how her style is laid back however still unique and showcases who she is as a person.




How can you not adore her lavender hair in this photo!? She is definitely not afraid to take some risks, however she makes sure to stay true to herself.

She stays busy by attending NMSU, traveling to New York and attending Teen Vogue’s Fashion University, writing about her experiences about fashion and dance (yep she’s a ballet dancer as well), working on her video blog and interning for CollegeFashionista. Her adventures so far scream FASHION.


We love how she styled her dad’s Military jacket.


We love everything about this look, including her amazing legs!

Want to see more, check out her blog Peacher not Preacher for all her adventures to come as well as Fruit Plates, a vlog hosted by Dan and herself!



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