Post-VMA Madness

GIFs of Miley Cyrus twerking and Lady Gaga in a thong have been plastered all over social media sites all day. As crazy as the VMAs were last night (*NSYNC please reunite again!), we think you’ve seen enough of Miley’s ass-gap and Gaga’s shell boobs, so let’s get down to our favorite part: the fashion deets.

If you were following us during our live-tweet coverage of the VMAs (@EllyClayNYC), you’ll remember we first noticed Katy Perry’s leopard dress early in the night, noting that the print seemed fitting for her new hit single. And of course, the themed outfits continued during her performance of “Roar”, with Katy wearing a tiger-stripe sports bra (“I’ve got the eye of a tiger…”). It seems like she’s channeling a new style through her recent performance and music. The new slogan “Strong is the new sexy” comes to mind…

Image Image

Taylor and Selena looked great, and the cameras kept cutting to their reactions during the awards show. They seemed all smiles and hugs until One Direction showed up on stage.


C’mon Taylor, get over it. You’re ruining the “effortlessly-classy” vibe we’re getting from your red carpet look. BTW- Selena looks amazing in this Versace dress.


We were also loving newbie Becky G’s Brooklyn-inspired look. It was a perfect mixture of girly and street with her “Ain’t No Wifey” beanie, distressed crop top, and starry skater skirt. Get it, girl.


What were your favorite/not-so-favorite looks from last night’s VMAs?



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