Vogue’s Special Edition Best Dressed: Bloggers

“We follow their carefully curated outfits on their blogs, be it the wearer of the stiletto and oversize blazer, the chic slouch, or the gamine on the go. Herewith, our best dressed bloggers of 2013. Who will you vote for?” -VOGUE

09-best-dressed-bloggers-tamu_143308220619.jpg_bestdressed_item 03-best-dressed-bloggers-caroline-blomst_14330483388.jpg_bestdressed_item 10-best-dressed-bloggers-cipriana_143309202947.jpg_bestdressed_item 04-best-dressed-bloggers-elin-kling_143305390232.jpg_bestdressed_item 05-best-dressed-bloggers-anne-catherine-frey_143305446485.jpg_bestdressed_item 01-best-dressed-bloggers-chiara-ferragni_143302898086.jpg_bestdressed_item 06-best-dressed-bloggers-camille_143306443422.jpg_bestdressed_item 07-best-dressed-bloggers-candice-lake_143307704575.jpg_bestdressed_item 08-best-dressed-bloggers-jessica-stein_143307105543.jpg_bestdressed_item 02-best-dressed-bloggers-leandra-medine_143303123434.jpg_bestdressed_item


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