We just want to take a short flashback of these beauties preparing for the Met Gala!

christian-dior-resort-2015-50_094607352827 christian-dior-resort-2015-45_094603396641 christian-dior-resort-2015-44_09460284243 christian-dior-resort-2015-43_094601223060 christian-dior-resort-2015-41_094600899535 christian-dior-resort-2015-40_09455918560 christian-dior-resort-2015-23_094544862535 christian-dior-resort-2015-22_094543783652 christian-dior-resort-2015-18_094540971243 christian-dior-resort-2015-13_094535184708 christian-dior-resort-2015-10_094533543684 christian-dior-resort-2015-06_094530640697 christian-dior-resort-2015-04_094528502126 christian-dior-resort-2015-03_094527202584 christian-dior-resort-2015-08_094531817180


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