“Filled with unapologetic snarky graphics and vibrant colors, Lazy Oaf’s spring collection is something of a hazy suburban daydream. Think minimalist skull print and pastel cartoons on the most flattering boxy crops and ’90s-inspired silhouettes. As the British brand puts it, “Picture this, the Stepford Wives got so broke, ran away to art school, and drank a hella lot of dirty tinnies.”

With both a fresh and retro feel, this collection will give our spring wardrobes just the right amount of bite. And it will help you serve up some major cool-kid-doodling-in-the-back-of-the-classroom vibes. Essentially, it’s pastel-goth-meets-pop-art for a look that’s equal parts apathetic art student and casual chic It girl.

Snag your grocery-printed blouse, eye-catching bucket hat, and more as new styles becomes available every week at Lazy Oaf. Your closet is in for a rad update.”


2015_01_21_LAZYOAF_SS15_SHOT_07_052 2015_01_21_LAZYOAF_SS15_SHOT_17_127 2015_01_21_LAZYOAF_SS15_SHOT_20_089_(alex's_conflicted_copy_2015-01-27) 2015_01_21_LAZYOAF_SS15_SHOT_27_024 2015_01_21_LAZYOAF_SS15_SHOT_37_038_1 2015_01_21_LAZYOAF_SS15_SHOT_45_069


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