Halloween Makeup Inspiration: Cut Crease Glam

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Hello everyone!

It’s almost that time of year again! Halloween is just around the corner, and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably struggling with costume ideas too!

Normally, I’m all for giving a scare with a little blood and gore when it comes to my costumes but sometimes it’s nice to wear something equally as dramatic but a bit more glamorous.

When looking up inspiration for my look, I decided to play around with my makeup collection and experiment with a look that centered around my makeup rather than a look that centered around my costume. For years I’ve been in awe of Arabic makeup styles, so I decided to create a look that made use of the infamous cut crease and double winged liner that is popular with such eye looks.

For my look, I took influence from Cleopatra’s signature blue & gold hued eye makeup as well as princess Jasmine’s Middle Eastern headpieces in combination with her ponytail updo from her lesser known red outfit. I figured going for a bold, glittery look all throughout would be the only way to achieve a look so fierce. I guess you could say I was going for a modern day Cleopatra meets genie in the bottle vibe!


Although this look seems complicated, its a lot simpler than you think! The key to recreating this look is actually making use of a few closet staples: lots of eyeliner, statement jewelry, and a bold lip color.

To map out my process for you, here’s a few tips:

  1. I first started out by straightening my hair. Then I took some bobby pins and secured a gold necklace into my hair, with the design draping across my forehead. (I later switched to a pony tail updo and a diamond encrusted necklace instead, but it’s up to you which variation you prefer).
  2.  After my normal face routine, I then filled in my brows slightly thicker and bolder than what I normally do to add to the drama of the look.
  3. Next, I applied the darkest lip color I own, a blackened purple liquid lipstick. (You can even go for a deep cranberry color if black shades are too much for you).
  4. Then I started working on the eyes. Simply start out by carving out the shape of your crease with a creamy black gel liner & eyeliner brush. (Liquid liners are a great alternative if you don’t have an eyeliner brush). Next, smoke out the crease line you just drew by going over it with any black or deep purple eyeshadows.
  5. After this, fill in the rest of your lids with any gold eyeshadow, and once you’re done go over it with a gold glitter eyeliner to add sparkle.
  6. Next, you’re ready to start adding your normal eyeliner. Start at the corner of your eyes and extend a line past your tear duct, then continue towards the end of your eye, thickening the liner as you move outwards. Finish by making sure your liner has a very extended wing. (The closer the tip is to the end of your eyebrow the better).
  7. Now you’re ready to start working on the lower lash line. Take your eyeliner and connect it to your top eyeliner by starting at the end of your wing and lining it all the way back to your inner corner while remembering to connect it to the extended tear duct line so the result is a tip on both ends of your eye.
  8. Finish your look by adding a metallic teal eyeliner on the lower lash line underneath the black liner, and pop on your favorite pair of false lashes. You can even go a step further and complete your look by lining your eyebrows with rhinestones like I did.

Bottom line: Have fun experimenting with whatever makeup you have and keep everything bold & dramatic.

I hope this helps some of you with your looks this year!



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