#ManiMonday for the Holidays

It may be Monday, but the holidays are so soon! Having the perfect manicure is a must during this festive time of the year. Time to have some fun with your nail art! Here are some of our faves:

1) Glitter Nails

Photo via Pinterest

What’s more holiday-esque than having glitter nails? You can have fun with this and either paint all your nails glitter or just a few of them. This is a fun way to experiment with different colors.

2) Classic Red Nails

Photo via Pinterest

If you are into a more simple look, red nails are the perfect choice for the holidays. You can try out different shades of red that go best with your skin tone.

3. Snowflake Design

4fe3ea179e58defaa3601a08a0ee6e16 (1)
Photo via Pinterest

With a thin brush of white nail polish, a snowflake design like this one can be accomplished! You can decorate one nail with a snowflake and achieve a winter wonderland look.

Which manicure will you choose for the holidays?


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