The Perfect Elly Clay Winter Shoes

Winter’s here and cold temperatures mean that it is time for some fabulous boots. Time to get rid of your old pairs of shoes and check out the perfect Elly Clay ones to match your winter style:

1. Ryan Double Platform


Black booties are an essential! These shoes match everything and are not your typical black pair of boots. You will stand out in this double platform and curved heel. You can edge up your outfit and wear these with jeans or with a dress on a night out.

2. Manny Platform Tri-Color


This cut out platform shoe gives you a sassier look as you make the streets your runway. The colors are fun but classic at the same time.  Pair these shoes with a simpler outfit and make them the statement!

3. Trigger Boot – Oxblood


This bootie gives you a fierce pop of color to your outfit. If you want to look bold and ready for whatever the day brings, this five inch heel is the way to go. Who can go wrong with fabulous red shoes?

For more Elly Clay shoes, check out our website:


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