Post holiday healthy lifestyle tips

Feeling a little bit off track after the holidays? Sometimes being surrounded by endless amounts of drinks and alcohol can make us feel sluggish after the holidays. Also, the cold winter weather doesn’t help when it comes to being active. Here are a few ways to get back on a healthy schedule and prep for spring!



The first and most important step is to create an individualized plan for yourself. Write down goals you have and how you are going to accomplish them. This allows you to stick to what you want to achieve.


Next, avoid grazing. Eating well balanced meals and light snacks will stop you from urges to look for more. Sometimes, removing trigger foods from your kitchen will force you to avoid them. Logging your meals into a journal can help you stay dedicated.


One important step that is not often thought of is creating a list of other hobbies and activities to participate in when you have cravings. Distractions will help get your mind off of those cravings.


The most important rule is to have balance and moderation. Eating too healthy and depriving yourself of foods you enjoy is also unhealthy. It is okay to enjoy some of the foods that you like as long as it is not all of the time. Patience is key, listen to your body and know that good things take time. dog-eating-cake.jpg


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