How to find the perfect pair of jeans

Often times, shopping for jeans can be stressful and unsuccessful… To help make the jean shopping journey more enjoyable it is important to know exactly what you are looking for in your denim.


Know that every style and brand of jeans will always fit differently. You could be a 10 in one style or brand and a 6 in another. Take the time to find the proper size in the style you are looking for.


Learn what rise you want. Are you looking for low rise? high waisted? The rise of your jeans does matter and should not be ignored.


Along with rise, you should also know the wash you are looking for. Having different washes of jeans can complete your wardrobe and add a nice element to an outfit.

In the end there are a ton of different styles of jeans for all different body types that stretch and fit differently. If you are at a store and becoming frustrated with trying on jeans, keep looking elsewhere and take your time finding the perfect style of jeans for you.




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