What to pack in your spring break suitcase 

While some people may be planning a trip to a warm and tropical location for this spring, it might be best to know what essential items you can’t go without but always forget to pack. This check list will leave you feeling prepared and organized for your next getaway! 
1. Loads of sunscreen- we all know how overpriced sunscreen will be at resort gift shops so why not pack a ton with you to save some money? Being in the intense heat calls for a higher spf such as 30 or more. Here are some top brands  

2. A few bathing suits because you’ll basically be living in them while your away. Try and have a variety of styles to wear under clothing or with certain cover ups such as a one piece, 2 piece and a solid black suit. You can never go wrong with that!  

3. Sunglasses! Lots and lots of sunglasses. Inexpensive ones would be a better option, especially if you’re going to go swimming in the ocean, you don’t want to lose or break a nice pair! A trendy cat eye or color tinted pair will make you look like a bathing beauty.  

4. Sundresses/maxi dresses

These are easy to pack, can be used during day or night and are perfectly breezy for the climate you’ll be enduring. You certainly can’t go wrong with them!  

5. Sandals or flip-flops

Okay so they might not be Gucci, but they will sure be easy for walking around and kicking off to walk in the sand.  

6. A beach bag to carry all your favorites!  



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