Favorite Flashbacks to Get You Through Friday

Alright, just because the ’80s – ’90s were…before most junior high schoolers days, doesn’t mean all of the fashion of the decade should go away! Here’s some of our favorite flashbacks to get you through the day! (You’ve almost made it to the weekend)

gallery-1435751157-rexfeatures-432428n“As if!” There’s no doubt that Cher and her girls had some of the best style in the ’90s.


Kat’s laid back style is one that we all can aspire to have.


Molly Ringwald was everyones outfit goals in the ’80s.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 7.39.44 PM.png

All black everything is and has always been a fashion staple, as seen on the Heathers.

Four different styles, but four adorable looks! It’s true, some looks really are timeless.


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