Valentine’s Day inspired hairstyles 

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner and many people heading out for date night soon, why not plan your look early? Here are some romantic hairstyles you can practice and perfect by the time of your date! 

This loosely twisted half-up bun is a simple, elegant look like requires little effort. 

Although the crown braid looks like it could be very complicated, with a little practice and maybe a few YouTube tutorials it’s actually a pretty easy hairstyle to master and is a gorgeous Valentine’s Day look. 


A sleek top knot bun is always the answer when you’re lost with what to do with you hair. If you haven’t had time to shower it’s a perfect look, plus it looks good with practically any dress and makes your whole outfit look dressier. 

Loose side swept curls look absolutely stunning for dates or any occasion. They are low matience, romantic looking and are very flattering.

A half crown braid is a unique approach to a normal crown braid and probably much easier to try. This look is very chic and helps keep some hair away back away from your face so it won’t take away from your outfit 


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