Transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring 

It’s always a challenge trying to go from cold to warmer weather without either sweating or freezing your butt off. These suggestions may ease your wardrobe transition 

When you’re unsure of the temperature and how it may change throughout the day, layers are always acceptable. If you’re going for an outfit with less on the top you should layer up on the bottom or viceversa. Here are examples of both… 

 You’ll notice although she’s wearing shorts, she has multiple layers on top.

   Socks and boots are a perfect way to layer on the bottom without looking too bundled up.

Another method of transitioning into spring involves bringing more color back into your outfits. You don’t have to ditch greys, blacks and maroon completely, but adding a pop of color gives off a spring vibe. 

From light layers to heavy. You don’t need to be as weighted down when the weather starts warming up. Getting rid of wool and fur and switching to long cardigans or Blazers is a great place to start.  

If the snow has melted and it’s finally safe to walk without slipping and falling, there’s nothing wrong with switching from boots to flats or sandals. May we suggest our Elly Clay Laight platform sandals in Rose Gold!  

These would looks stunning with a pair of distressed, boyfriend jeans and a basic white tee! 



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