Behind The Scenes : Elly Clay at Axis



Last weekend was the Axis trade show in New York City. We wanted to give you a behind the scenes look at what went on! Our Elly Clay booth was decorated with pretty white flowers and a stand-out metal sign, not to mention tons of shoes! Each day included yummy freebies and pumping music to keep the show lively and fun, and we got to check out the other booths at the show, including Nylon Mag’s vibrant display. The venue featured bohemian-inspired lounge spaces layered in textured rugs and patterned pillows for a comfy place to rest up. A free photoshoot for participants allowed us to team up with some awesome brands, like Mamie Ruth, to create outfits featuring shoes from the Fall ’16 collection. See some shots of the models in action below!

Overall, the Axis show was a fun way to share our fall collection with store buyers and get to see what else is happening in contemporary fashion!

IMG_7918IMG_7958 (1)IMG_7894IMG_7980IMG_7976IMG_7950IMG_7902


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