The 10 Best Ways to Wear Boyfriend Jeans

Although a classic white tee and some slip on shoes are a super cute look with a pair of boyfriend jeans, there is more than one right way to wear them! If you’re going to branch out and where a unique style of jeans, you better make sure you are getting the proper use out of them!

  1. Yes they are a loose fitting jean, however, don’t be afraid to pair them up with a baggy shirt or sweater. It can be a very cute and comfy look when worn the right way. See examples below:



2. Going along with the baggy top, a somewhat less baggy but still loose fitted option would be a button down top. This adds a cute, business casual element to your boyfriend jean style.

3. Pair your boyfriend jeans up with a cute utility jacket. There is something magical about the combination of denim and army green.

4. When the weather is warm, but not quite warm enough for shorts, a crop top is a perfect route to take with your boyfriend jeans! 

5. Another business casual and classy look to go for is the blazer and boyfriend jean combo! The blazer can add a pop of color and a hint of sophistication to your #OOTD

6. Boots. Not always a combination you would think of right away when thinking of an outfit involving boyfriend jeans but it works. Here are pictures to prove it!

7. Boyfriend jeans and sneakers. This is one way to look comfy and chic while you’re shopping or running errands.

8. Trench coats. Perfect for the fall or early spring season when layering is an everyday outfit choice!

9. Strappy heels are an excellent shoe choice. Especially for this spring season!

10. Boyfriend jeans uncuffed. For a different style, you can unroll your boyfriend jeans and even wear them with a cute pair of heels.


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