Sandal Season: When Does it Start?

The ultimate questions every spring: when is it appropriate to start wearing sandals? We’ve had a weird mix of weather this spring with some really warm days mixed in with the occasional snow shower. So is it still too soon to start wearing open-toed shoes?

Here in New York City people are slow to make the transition to summer wear. This time of year you will likely see one person in a floral dress and someone else in their winter coat all in one day! While it is tempting on some of these 65-75 degree March days to bare our feet, there is something about it being so early in the year that makes many of us pause. A general rule of thumb to go by is if you are completely comfortable with bare legs outside it is acceptable to wear sandals. If you can wear a sundress or shorts, then sandals are are a natural progression. If you can wear a tee and jeans with no jacket, sandals are likely acceptable as well. If you need a jacket to keep warm chances are your toes should stay toasty in your closed-toe shoes too.

spring sandals set

Regardless of when you decide to bring out your sandals, here are a few styles to consider for sandal season! And in this in-between weather? Try rocking sneakers or simple flats.

What are your thoughts on when sandal season begins?

march sneaker set

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