Best self-tanning lotion to prep for summer

If you’re someone who does not want to use tanning beds or waste hours out in the sun trying to develop a nice tan without burning, keep reading this post! Obviously with summer right around the corner, no one wants to wear shorts or a sundress exposing their pale, winter skin. Here are a few different self tanning products that have been reviewed for you at low, moderate and high price points!

  1. Fake Bake- this one is a favorite among many for it’s natural, bronze color it gives your skin. This product develops pretty quickly and lasts for about a week before you have to reapply it! It is easy to use and even comes with a tanning mitt and gloves! ps. It’s only $12.00 on amazon!


2.  St. Tropez bronzing mousse- Being one of St. Tropez’s highest rated products, this tanning mousse dries quickly and evenly providing a build-able bronze color. It provides natural looking color in one application and even has a mood boosting fragrance. It is at a bit higher of a cost, around $42-45 at ulta, sephora, amazon etc

St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse, 8 fl. oz.

3. Clinique Self-Sun- This product recently received top ratings. It provides a medium bronze color with a slight shimmer to it. This product is perfect for someone who wants a tan that is natural looking at not too dark at a moderate price point of around $23. 

4. Clarins radiance plus golden glow booster. This products is really unique in that you add drops of it into your favorite moisturizer for an even glow. It is a perfect way to keep your same face or body moisturizing routine while adding some extra color. It is a moderate-higher priced cost being around $30.

4. Loving tan two hour express mousse- Loving tan is a favorite brand of many for its wide variety of different tanning products. This product is convenient for developing last minute color for an event such as a night out because your tan will be fully developed within two hours! It comes in a variety of shades from medium-extra dark, so you’ll be sure to find the right shade for you. This product costs around $40

5. Banana Boat Summer Color Self-Tanning Lotion- this holy grail drugstore self-tanner is one of the best rated of all time. It provides light, medium or dark bronze, moisturizing color at an extremely low cost! This product can be found at most drugstores for around $6-$10


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