Closet Organization Tips & Tools

Sometime between the changing of seasons and massive shopping sprees, you closet organization can get a little out of hand without you even realizing it! If a shelf is overflowing with stuff, hangers sticking out of everywhere or a messy pile of clothing on the floor then you better keep reading!

First off all- go through all of those clothes. If you have not worn something in a year, chances are, you won’t need it tomorrow or even later in the future. Get rid of all of your old clothing to make room for the new (and current). Consider donating some of it! Stores such as Plato’s Closet even give you money for your old clothes!


Next, individual organizers. These will save your life and there are some for all different categories of merchandise. Shoe, jewelry, belt and scarf organizers… you name it!

Hanging Accessory Organizers

If you’re still finding your closet looking like a disaster, remember a few simple tips. Hangers should all face the same direction and be in the shape of a question mark (?). Also, fold things that you have a lot of such as sweaters, sweatshirts, T-shirts and other casual items. Even consider labeling bins for an excellent and efficient storage method!


Following these steps, will clean your closet in no time and keep it that way!


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