5 Fashion Trends to Get You Through the Summer!


Every year as the summer months approach us, we are faced with the ultimate dilemma. How can we stay chic and beat the heat? Thankfully, the talented fashion bloggers of Instagram are here to help us out!


MAKE FEMININE FIERCE: Pair something cute, floral, or feminine with something sporty or edgy. Jennifer Grace does this by pairing a floral Tory Burch dress with some tough looking white sneakers and retro sunnies. (photo courtesy of @thenativefox)


POP OF COLOR: Sure, black may be the most “flattering” color, but it’s important to embrace the colors and warmth of summer! Yoyo Cao does this by pairing an oversized black Vetements sweatshirt with bright red accessories. (photo courtesy of @yoyokulala)


90s THROWBACK: Don’t be afraid to kick it old school! Gizele Oliveira adds a little 90s flair by tucking in an oversized shirt and pairing it with a leather choker. (photo courtesy of @giizeleoliveira)


PAJAMA PARTY: Keep it comfortable in pajama-inspired apparel! Danielle Bernstein does this by pairing a dress—resembling a classic pajama shirt— with chic accessories. (photo courtesy of @weworewhat)


WHIMSICAL WHITES: Channel some serious Greek goddess vibes with a billowy, white garment. Natasha Ndlovu is looking fierce in a chic, white jumpsuit. (photo courtesy of @natashandlovu)


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