Cute Workout Clothes

Sometimes the best form of fitness motivation is a new outfit for the gym. It helps with the look good, feel good attitude. Here are some pieces on trend right now!

Athleta- Mesh Capri- $89

Athleta- Mesh cap- $34


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Nordstrom- zella sweetheart strap neck sports bra- $54

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Nordstrom- zella va va high waist crop leggings- $62

Medium Impact - Sports Bra

Forever 21- medium impact sports bra- $14.90Active Run Graphic Shorts

forever 21- active run. graphic shorts- $15.90

victorias secret- the player logo tank-$29.50

victorias secret- drawstring jogger-$66.50

Nike Tech Knit Crew Women's Top

 NIKE- tech knit crew- $180
Nike Graphic Women's T-Shirt

 NIKE- graphic womens t-shirt-$60

Gym to Street

It has become a popular trend to turn a gym outfit into an everyday look. In doing this, you have to be careful to maintain a chic, sporty style and not to cross over the line into looking too lazy to wear real pants. There are a few different ways you can dress your athletic outfit up.


It’s no secret that we all have at least one pair of joggers hiding somewhere in our closet. While you might wear them to a yoga session or for a light jog in the neighborhood, you can also dress them up with a cute pair of heels, flats or stylish sneakers for an everyday look. Pair it up with a top and a jacket, and you’re good to go!



A loose, racer back tank can be layered up with a long cardigan for a look that’s cozy and cute


Mesh paneled leggings are the new pants. Not only are they chic and versatile, they’re a few steps above a normal pair of black leggings.


Sports bras make for excellent crop tops. This strappy, sports bra adds so much to the outfit

DSC_0587 (1)

A solid pair of kicks gives your casual look a perfect sporty element, without dressing it down. Also, after a long day, your feet will thank you!



Post holiday healthy lifestyle tips

Feeling a little bit off track after the holidays? Sometimes being surrounded by endless amounts of drinks and alcohol can make us feel sluggish after the holidays. Also, the cold winter weather doesn’t help when it comes to being active. Here are a few ways to get back on a healthy schedule and prep for spring!



The first and most important step is to create an individualized plan for yourself. Write down goals you have and how you are going to accomplish them. This allows you to stick to what you want to achieve.


Next, avoid grazing. Eating well balanced meals and light snacks will stop you from urges to look for more. Sometimes, removing trigger foods from your kitchen will force you to avoid them. Logging your meals into a journal can help you stay dedicated.


One important step that is not often thought of is creating a list of other hobbies and activities to participate in when you have cravings. Distractions will help get your mind off of those cravings.


The most important rule is to have balance and moderation. Eating too healthy and depriving yourself of foods you enjoy is also unhealthy. It is okay to enjoy some of the foods that you like as long as it is not all of the time. Patience is key, listen to your body and know that good things take time. dog-eating-cake.jpg

Fitness On Fridays! (juicin’ it up)

    Hello loves! For the past week I’ve been doing a juice cleanse and man, do I feel great!
    Starting on Monday, I began a one week long juice cleanse. I was inspired to try it out after reading an article at the salon where I get my nails done last Sunday. I thought, “Why not, it can’t hurt to try?” So that night I asked my grandmother (an avid vegan) to please press a few juices for me. She gladly did so and sent me home with 6 juices to try during the first two days. I then followed these eating patterns:
7:30 a.m.- one 12 o.z. bottle of juice and one sliced apple
11:00 a.m.- half of a protein bar
12:15 p.m.- another 12 o.z. bottle of a different juice and a SMALL fruit salad (strawberries, apples, bananas)
2:30 p.m.- the other half of the protein bar
6:00 p.m.- another pressed juice and a SMALL salad (carrots, bell peppers, spinach, cranberries, sunflower seeds)
    The first day was not bad at all! I felt energized and was able to carry out my normal exercise routine. But, the second day, I cut out the protein bars and replaced my breakfast apple with one hard-boiled egg. That made all the difference. By 5:00 p.m. I was tired, stressed, and wanting to eat anything in sight. Luckily, I did not give in and carried out the same routine the next day with new juices. I felt healthy, and non-bloated again! I am now nearly complete with my 5th day of this juice cleanse and have lost 5.3 pounds since Monday. Next Monday, I do not plan to continue this juice fast because it can eventually put your health at risk. But, for anyone looking to reduce bloating or shed a few pounds, I definitely recommend this method!
    During your juice cleanse, it is also very important to continue drinking lots and lots of water! Dehydration is never a good option! Goodluck! (: