Fall/Winter Hairstyles 2016-2017

Not only are there new fashion trends with every season, but new hair color and style trends come about as well.


  1. sombre- a subtle ombre to add a warm or cool touch to your current look. This looks amazing for the cooler seasons and freshens up your overall style.

Image result for sombre

Image result for sombre

Image result for sombre

2. Wet strands- a chic, edgy and slicked back look can do no wrong. This look is perfect for day or night. Image result for wet hair look

Image result for wet hair look

Image result for wet hair look

3. Bob. so cute and trendy for fall

Image result for bob hair

Image result for bob hair

4. Sleek High pony

Image result for high pony

Image result for high pony

Image result for high pony

5. pumpkin spice hair. A warm red orange tint looks amazing with autumn colors

Image result for pumpkin spice hairImage result for pumpkin spice hairImage result for pumpkin spice hair

There are tons of other styles and colors out there right now and on trend!


Hairstyles to Compliment Your Summer Style


Just because you’re trying to beat the heat, doesn’t mean you can’t stay chic! Celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Taylor Swift, JLo, and Selena Gomez are inspiring us with hair trends that match their summer style.


GOING FOR COMFORT: Take note from Kylie Jenner– tie your hair up in a sleek top knot. Not only does it look effortlessly chic, but your neck will be kept completely cool in the sweltering heat.


SULTRY: JLo inspires us with these sexy, beachy waves. This hairdo will look great for those going for a more casual look, but it will also look flawless for those with a taste for a sultry, night-in-the-town look.


SERIOUSLY EDGY: TSwizzle impresses us with this chic bob. Afterall, who needs locks of hair in this suppressing heat?


ABSOLUTELY BANGIN’: Selena Gomez stole our hearts when she spontaneously got bangs. This look is for those who are ready to redefine themselves this summer, and are ready for adventure.

Hair Accessory Trends

Headbands, chains, crowns you name it. They’re all in still and here to stay for a bit. No need to try and hide your bobby pins, let them show! Here are some perfect hair accessories  and trends to try for summer



Silene Turban Band

anthropologie $18


butterfly clips

Metal Butterfly Clip Set

urban outfitters- $10



Triangle Trio Barette

both pictures-urban outfitters $12

Double Inset Triangle Hair Pin


leaf headbands

Athena Headband

urban outfitters-$20

Image 1 of ASOS Leaf Headband




hair combs

Bronze and Crystal Vine Hair Comb

claires- 12.99



Click to zoom

nordstrom $25

Hair Hacks!

Want to change up your everyday routine but don’t seem to have enough time to get ready in the morning? These easy to do, tips and tricks will help you do your hair in 5 minutes or less!


  1. Sleep in a top-knot bun for  loose and natural morning wavesStyle-your-hair-while-you-sleep-bh_sleep_style.jpg


2.Try braiding your hair before beds in tight, double french braids to achieve the messy french braid look for the next day



3. Loosely pull some of your hair back into a braid to get it out of your face for a simple look


4. Pull your hair back into a tight, pony and smooth fly-aways for a chic and edgy look



5. Leave it natural and untamed whether it’s pin-straight, wavy or curly to embrace your natural beauty and achieve a #wokeuplikethis look


Holiday Hairstyles

Tis the season of so many holiday parties! It can be hard to decide what to do with your hair with how busy this time of year is. Maybe it is time to switch it up and try something new! You can try some of these looks:

  1. Updos
Photo via Pinterest

Whether high buns or low buns, getting your hair out of your face gives you an elegant look appropriate for the holidays!  This is a great hairstyle to rock with statement earrings.

2. Loose Curls

Photo via Pinterest

Whether your hair is short or long, loose curls are the perfect holiday party look. A simple regular curling iron or a wand one can help you easily achieve this style.

3) Ponytails

Photo via Pinterest

A sleek ponytail gives you an air of sophistication as you walk into a room. You can have fun with this and add curls to the pony or just leave it straight.

Which looks are you feeling for the holiday season?