Hairstyles to Compliment Your Summer Style


Just because you’re trying to beat the heat, doesn’t mean you can’t stay chic! Celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Taylor Swift, JLo, and Selena Gomez are inspiring us with hair trends that match their summer style.


GOING FOR COMFORT: Take note from Kylie Jenner– tie your hair up in a sleek top knot. Not only does it look effortlessly chic, but your neck will be kept completely cool in the sweltering heat.


SULTRY: JLo inspires us with these sexy, beachy waves. This hairdo will look great for those going for a more casual look, but it will also look flawless for those with a taste for a sultry, night-in-the-town look.


SERIOUSLY EDGY: TSwizzle impresses us with this chic bob. Afterall, who needs locks of hair in this suppressing heat?


ABSOLUTELY BANGIN’: Selena Gomez stole our hearts when she spontaneously got bangs. This look is for those who are ready to redefine themselves this summer, and are ready for adventure.


Summer Metallics

summer metallics

Metallic accessories are a great trend for summer. They shine bright as the sun and add some subtle sparkle to your outfits. A metallic clutch like our Billie Jean in Metal Mesh makes a statement, while reflective sunglasses or a cuff bracelet are a more subtle way to incorporate the trend. Throw them all together with cutoff shorts and an off-the-shoulder top and you have a look worthy of any trendsetter!

Also check out our Laight Flatforms,  Mesh Wrist Bag, and Crissy Clutch for more metallic options.


Coachella Style Weekend 2

The second weekend of Coachella is in full swing right now! It is always so exciting to see what people wear to the festival, especially when they get creative with the latest trends. Layers, crochet and lace, crop tops, and statement prints are some of the favored styles this year. These are some of our favorite looks from Coachella 2016 so far.

The Blonde Salad
Harper’s Bazaar
Harper’s Bazaar
Caro Daur
Harper’s Bazaar
Harper’s Bazaar

Trend Alert: Off The Shoulder


If you haven’t noticed by now, off the shoulder pieces are trending like crazy! In the form of either a dress or a top, they are a romantic look often embellished with ruffles. Off the shoulder tops look great when accessorized with an oversized clutch, like our Billie Jean clutch, while a ruffled shoulder-baring dress would go perfectly with booties for a festival look. This trend is perfect for keeping you cool all summer too!

Check out more off the shoulder inspiration below.





images via Pinterest

April Showers


Gary Pepper Girl

April is here, and so is the rain! It can be hard to dress appropriately for the rain and still look cute…. so we found a few ways to liven up your rainy day outfits. Having fun with your umbrellas and coats makes getting dressed for the rain a lot more enjoyable! And don’t forget, May flowers are just around the corner!

  1. Clear umbrellas are trendy and classic at the same time.



2. A pop of color is the perfect way to brighten up a grey rainy day.

Milan Fashion Week 2014: Harper’s Bazaar


3. Color not your thing? Cozy neutrals are an alternative way to bundle up and stay warm.


4. A statement rain coat will keep you stylish and dry.


5. Prints look bold against a damp grey backdrop.


6. And sometimes being entirely unprepared looks surprisingly chic!


Images via Pinterest

On Trend: Boyfriend Shorts

bf shorts polyvore EC

With spring and summer just around the corner it is time to start thinking about shorts! Boyfriend shorts are a trend that has caught on in the last few years because they are a great comfy, loose and casual style. They are a perfect option to wear poolside, but they can easily be dressed up with a heel as well for a fashionable look. This looser and often distressed style can be found in a range of lengths so they are suitable for all age groups. Boyfriend shorts would pair perfectly with a simple tee, a layer of necklaces, and our Shayla Bootie or Laight Flatform. See more outfit inspiration below!








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Sandal Season: When Does it Start?

The ultimate questions every spring: when is it appropriate to start wearing sandals? We’ve had a weird mix of weather this spring with some really warm days mixed in with the occasional snow shower. So is it still too soon to start wearing open-toed shoes?

Here in New York City people are slow to make the transition to summer wear. This time of year you will likely see one person in a floral dress and someone else in their winter coat all in one day! While it is tempting on some of these 65-75 degree March days to bare our feet, there is something about it being so early in the year that makes many of us pause. A general rule of thumb to go by is if you are completely comfortable with bare legs outside it is acceptable to wear sandals. If you can wear a sundress or shorts, then sandals are are a natural progression. If you can wear a tee and jeans with no jacket, sandals are likely acceptable as well. If you need a jacket to keep warm chances are your toes should stay toasty in your closed-toe shoes too.

spring sandals set

Regardless of when you decide to bring out your sandals, here are a few styles to consider for sandal season! And in this in-between weather? Try rocking sneakers or simple flats.

What are your thoughts on when sandal season begins?

march sneaker set

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Edgy & Girly

The best street style outfits are a perfect balance of edgy and girly. It can be a hard balance to strike sometimes so we put together a few pairs that work well together to help you get the look. Adding a  girly pink lipstick to a darker or sportier outfit adds a feminine touch that softens the look. Another approach is to add florals and lace with leather or studded details. What is your favorite combo to mix edgy and girly styles?


Shop the Bleeker High Top Sneaker and the Farah Rocker Fringe Bag.

Handbags for Spring 2016

With every new season comes a dozen new trends for bags! Lets explore what we’ve been noticing on the runway…



Embellished bag straps are quickly becoming a thing. Fendi, Valentino and Gucci have all hopped on board.These heavily embellished bags come with a large price tag, so be sure to save if it’s something that interests you!



The cross-body bag has been getting a lot more attention lately, and rightfully so as it is not only fashionable, but also very functional!

Circle bags?! So unique and futuristic. This accessory is a perfect way to spice up an outfit and add a very retro element.

My personal favorite… tech bags! They so small and convenient. You don’t have to hold your phone in your hand all day worrying about dropping it, and the bag is so small that your phone can’t possibly get lost in the bottom of it. You may not be able to hold a lot of items in your bag, but it can help you stay organized and only carry around the essentials you need. This bag trend is a must!

Finally the large shoulder bag, it’s like a trendy mom purse. I think this bag style  will always stick around. Everyone has at least one of these as their go to bag with all of their stuff in it whether it’s for work or school, it is a very useful bag.

Girl On The Go

wristbag outfit

Our wrist bag is the perfect piece for the girl on the go. Making a similar statement to a bold watch, the wrist bag is an updated and edgier look while also totally functional. It eliminates the need to carry a purse and is the perfect accessory for going out dancing or just running errands. With an outfit featuring  leather pants, a cool jacket and oversized sunnies, the wrist bag completes the look for a chic weekend vibe. Just swipe on a little mauve lipstick and step into your Shayla booties and you’re good to go!